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From the mysteries of the towers of Anne of Brittany to the Ravel’s “Bolero”, not to mention all the local celebrities, the Tourism and Heritage Office will help you to discover the village.

All year round, numerous and diverse activities are on offer: exhibitions, events, walking routes, cultural rallies, geocaching, guided tours of the village and of the house museum of Ravel.

The Tourism and Heritage Centre also houses the Tourist Office.

 Guided tour

Visiting the main tourist spots of the village will allow you to make a pleasant and instructive journey through time..

Let’s meet at 2 p.m at the Tourism and Heritage Office, one Sunday a month, from Mars to October in order to discover the historical heritage of Montfort l’Amaury.


Ticket prices

5 euros per person – Free for minors


Opening hours of The Tourism and Heritage Office

Tuesday to Saturday
10.00-13.00 / 13.30-18.00
10.00-13.00 / 13.30-16.30

Closed on 1 January – 1 May – 25 December



The Tourism and Heritage Office is located at 3 Amaury St in Montfort l’Amaury (78490)

Book your guided visit of the village or of the house museum of Ravel online


The shop

Books and cards are available in the gift shop.


Looking for Artists

All year round, the village is looking for artists (painters, sculptors…) eager to create works of art dealing with heritage and exhibit in Montfort l’Amaury.

Discover Montfort


In the XVIth century, Anne of Brittany decided to extend St Peter’s Church and as a result, the small cemetery close to the church was reduced in size but was still big enough to welcome the deceased. Later, because of the plague epidemics and the population growth, the cemetery became really too small and was then moved outside the walls to a bigger place known as La Brosse. The Flamboyant Gothic style entrance door to the cemetery and an inscription for visitors are the only surviving relics of the past…

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