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Seduced by the peace and quiet of Montfort L’ Amaury, Maurice Ravel took up residence in Le Belvédère in 1921.

He renovated and made massive alterations to this house which became a haven where he welcame his friends, composed and meditated for sixteen years. This was where he wrote “le Boléro“, “L’enfant et les sortilèges” (‘The Child and the Spells’), TziganeLe Concerto pour la main gauche (‘The Piano Concerto for the Left Hand’) etc…

‘It is a small house, a sort of bungalow, not even a detached house… Seen from outside, it’s a bit like a slice of Camembert cheese that wouldn’t be nicely cut’ 

Manuel Rosenthal

In the living room, there are coffe cups with holes, romantic boxes on the piano, a Chinese man sticking his tongue out in the bookcase… In each room, the unusual prevails, and the whole house is full of the strange and wonderful objects collected by Maurice Ravel.

Let yourself be surprised and moved by this special and unique place!

Guided tour

Considering the smallness of the place, the guided tours are organised for groups of a maximum of six people and by reservation only.

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Sunday by reservation only.

Closed on 23rd and 30th December 2018.

Ticket prices

  • Adult: 8 euros
  • From 12 to 18: 4 euros
  • Under 12: free
  • For groups of a minimum of 10 people: 6 euros


Please book your guided tour of Maurice Ravel’s Museum House or that of the village online. For more information contact the Tourism and Heritage Office at


Thanks to the association that organises Maurice Ravel’s Days, Montfort L’ Amaury and some other surrounding villages are immersed in his musical universe through different concerts every year.

Let’s visit our website for more information:

Maurice Ravel and Montfort L’ Amaury

The association called ‘Maurice Ravel and Montfort L’ Amaury’ raises money for the restoration of “Le Belvédère” which is the name of Ravel’s house.

Contact details

President of the association: Patricia GUERLAIN

Registered office: 5 rue Maurice Ravel, 78490 Montfort L’ Amaury
Tel: 01 34 86 87 96

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